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First thing well do is put air in the tires, then we put oil on the chain, and then we see what we need to do after that. 


Bespoke Service

Since opening in 2005, Mellow Velo has been known for its world-class service shop. From vintage road bikes to long travel carbon fiber models, we understand the nuance and possibilities of repairing and restoring nearly anything. 

"Awesome bike shop—best in town, hands down. Smart, knowledgeable & kind staff. Just a great place to get everything bike related done in one fell swoop!! Thanks much!"

Andrew Click

Mellow Velo Moots Santa Fe

Road & Gravel

Gravel bikes have quickly become the most requested style of bike in Mellow Velo. They allow a more curious road rider to venture off the perfect pavement. We sell a wildly diverse number of these bikes from the lightest of weight to the most indestructible. As for our more traditional road riders, we continue to offer the finest options from brands all over the world. We also sponsor the Racing Apparel Team Based here in Santa Fe. 



Located just minutes from some of Santa Fe's best trails, we take mountain biking seriously. Industry-leading brands such as Santa Cruz, Pivot, Ibis, Orbea, BMC, and Salsa allow us to offer a truly diverse number of options. We are ready to help you make this decision with confidence. 



E-bikes are taking the cycling world over and for good reason! The e-bike segment of the market is booming and we have been riding that wave for years now! We carry the finest e-bikes out there and have one for every riding style.

Mellow Velo bicycle shop santa fe

Adventure & City

Not everyone is looking to ride 150 miles over the weekend. In a world saturated with exotic materials, it's refreshing working on and riding classic city bikes and weekend adventure rigs. Read here for more!


We always enjoy the stories our customers tell us about the old French ten-speed from college or the Japanese touring bike they road around Cape Breton. These bikes have soul and we enjoy restoring them to their former glory.  

Mellow Velo Rental Bike


We offer some of the finest rental bikes in Santa Fe. We have a selection of premium road bikes, premium mountain bikes, and also e-bikes. We are located right around the plaza so we are a great location to start from!

"Such a great crew, all bike enthusiasts that ride every day, super friendly. This is the shop for high quality bikes, and that hard to find Italian Steel, and rare bikes you don't see anywhere else! Custom builds are their specialty. Dave is a great guy, and that reflects through his employees. The crew downstairs are the best in town!!"

Kenny Gonzalez


Mellow Velo is a business ran by avid cyclists and outdoorsmen. This is a hub for some of our weekend adventures, updates about the shop, special offers and other cool info related to cycling in Santa Fe and the larger New Mexico.

Mellow Velo The Radavist

Try Before You Buy at Santa Fe’s Mellow Velo

“Try before you buy.” It’s not a saying you’d normally associate with a bike shop. Sure, most shops will let you take a bike on a test ride around the block or in their parking lot, but to pull a brand new bike off the shelf and “demo” it for a day, or two, or a whole month, if you so wanted to, is unique. That model was very foreign to me until I walked into Santa Fe’s Mellow Velo."

John Watson

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Mellow Velo The Radavist Santa Fe

Rawson’s Ombré Orbea Alma Rigid 29er

“As a kid of the 90’s, Rawson was really drawn to bright colors. Chartreuse, turquoise, fuchsia, purple, and other hues really stuck with him as a kid. Perhaps that was the inspiration behind this Orbea Alma M-LTD rigid 29er."

John Watson

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Mellow Velo The Radavist Custom Bike

Jonah and His Kokopelli Warthog Ti Hardtail 29er

“For Jonah, a local of Santa Fe, and an employee at Mellow Velo, the bicycle has helped develop his independence as well as a vehicle to meander around his homeland. His family is one of the deeply embedded heritage households and have been in the area for hundreds of years. Just north of Santa Fe is the town of Chimayo where his family has been weaving for generations under the brand Ortega."

John Watson

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Mellow Velo The Radavist Italian Bikes

Spaghetti Western: A XCR Tommasini X Fire Disc Road Build

“Mellow Velo, purveyors of modern bikes, with a long history of building up classic Italian road racing machines, recently completed this build for a customer back on the East Coast. Adam, the owner of the bike, refinishes mouthpieces for saxophones, so as you can imagine, he has a particular penchant for procuring pristine pedal machines like this one. Luckily for him, David from Mellow Velo has a soft spot for modern Italian-made frames."

John Watson

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Mellow Velo The Radavist Santa Fe Plaza

David’s Creamsicle Vicious Cycles SS Cruiser

“David has a special relationship with Carl Schlemowitz, the owner of Vicious. You might even call them good friends. He knew Carl from when he lived in New York and has a ‘grip’ of bikes from Carl down in the Mellow Velo archives. It’s not often that you see a Vicious in the Western United States, so I was surprised to find a basement full of them when I first toured Mellow Velo back in December of last year."

John Watson

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