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Mellow Velo

Mellow Velo Santa Fe


Since 2005, we have been dedicated to helping the Santa Fe community with all their bike needs. We are all avid cyclists ourselves so we understand the passion that comes from two wheeled pieces of art.

"Awesome bike shop—best in town, hands down. Smart, knowledgeable & kind staff. Just a great place to get everything bike related done in one fell swoop!! Thanks much!"

Andrew Click

Mellow Velo Rental Bike


We offer some of the finest rental bikes in Santa Fe. We have a selection of premium road bikes, premium mountain bikes, and also e-bikes. We are located right around the plaza so we are a great location to start from!


Being located just 20 minutes from some of Santa Fe's best trails, we take mountain biking seriously. We carry the finest mountain bikes in the industry and also love geeking out over custom builds. If you're curious about getting into mountain biking we can help get you started!

Mellow Velo Vintage bicycle


Servicing, restoring, and selling vintage bicycles are one of our many specialties. We believe in keeping the legacy of handcrafted cycles going and are huge proponents in keeping these machines running properly.

Bespoke Service

Since our opening, Mellow Velo has been known for our world class service shop. We can fix vintage road machines and also top of the line bikes straight from NASA. If your bike needs some love, bring it by!

Mellow Velo Moots Santa Fe

Road & Gravel

Santa Fe has a plethora of world class road and gravel cycling. We are the local leader when it comes to premium road and gravel cycles and are more than happy to impart some info if you are in the market for one!


E-bikes are taking the cycling world over and for good reason! The e-bike segment of the market is booming and we have been riding that wave for years now! We carry the finest e-bikes out there and have one for every riding style.

Mellow Velo bicycle shop santa fe

Adventure & City

Not everyone is looking to ride 150 miles over the weekend. In a world saturated with exotic materials, it's refreshing working on and riding classic city bikes and weekend adventure rigs. Read here for more!

"Such a great crew, all bike enthusiasts that ride every day, super friendly. This is the shop for high quality bikes, and that hard to find Italian Steel, and rare bikes you don't see anywhere else! Custom builds are their specialty. Dave is a great guy, and that reflects through his employees. The crew downstairs are the best in town!!"

Kenny Gonzalez


Mellow Velo is a business ran by avid cyclists and outdoorsmen. This is a hub for some of our weekend adventures, updates about the shop, special offers and other cool info related to cycling in Santa Fe and the larger New Mexico.


Try Before You Buy at Santa Fe’s Mellow Velo

“Try before you buy.” It’s not a saying you’d normally associate with a bike shop. Sure, most shops will let you take a bike on a test ride around the block or in their parking lot, but to pull a brand new bike off the shelf and “demo” it for a day, or two, or a whole month, if you so wanted to, is unique. That model was very foreign to me until I walked into Santa Fe’s Mellow Velo."

John Watson

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