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Mellow Velo Winter Update 12.1.21

Stay up to date going into this warm winter season


  • We are out several days to a week out on most every service job. For flat fixes and walk-ins, we try to do a same day turnaround, however we might need it for a day or two depending on the situation.

  • Certain parts are getting back in stock while other parts are still tricky to acquire. If you source your own parts we are happy to install them for you. We can also source parts for you depending on our supplier's availability. For certain hard to come by parts, we are reserving them exclusively for our service jobs, not resale.

  • Winter is a fantastic time to get your suspension serviced! We have nearly all major suspension rebuild kits on hand so our suspension services have even less wait time. We are scheduling our suspension services the same as normal services.

  • We have adjusted our service prices. Visit our website (Service & Repair page) to see how our prices have changed.

  • For every new bike we sell, we provide one complimentary Standard Service that you can redeem the first year of owning your new bike. We still need to schedule you for this service, so give us a call or head over to the shop. We also provide a complimentary brake bleed for new bikes as well.


  • We still are not renting any bikes.

  • We are demoing our Orbea Rises’ for those who are interested in entering the world of e-bikes.

  • Our bike inventory is normalizing more and more every month. We are starting to see models come though that we haven't had all year, and hardtails are back on the menu!

  • We are working on our online sales portal. Hopefully we will have everything up and running by the beginning of 2022.

  • We are in the process of designing new Mellow Velo apparel for the upcoming year. We have some very fresh designs we have been working on as a team, and we are doing new styles that we haven’t seen before. Stay tuned for those to arrive at the shop.

  • We have recently begun doing special orders for bikes customers want to order. If there is a model you have your heart set on, give us a call and we can see how we can get you that bike. Patience is still greatly appreciated while doing these special orders.

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