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Mid-Season Update 8/12

Here's some pertinent info updating everyone about how things are here at the shop.

Bike Sales

We are receiving new bikes almost every day! Our suppliers are doing an amazing job with getting us bikes and every model is looking hot. We have an amazing selection of assembled and unassembled mountain bikes, both hard-tail & full-suspension, road bikes, gravel bikes, and e-bikes.

Touch bases with us to see what our current bike selection is looking like!

We are only taking special orders on bikes we are confident we can deliver. If there are other circumstances where the bike might be tricky to get, we will do our best with the manufacturers and see what we can do. Every special order bike we order has a unique set of variables that we must navigate to deliver said bike. If you are looking for something we currently don't have, give us a call or head to the shop and we can chat about possibilities.

Our suppliers are sending us estimated ship dates that have a frequency to change. If you do place a deposit on a bike we are expecting, we will always reach out to you whenever the bike arrives. By placing a deposit it's understood that the bike will get here around the estimated ship date, however we can't guarantee a definite arrival date. Many new variables have a great impact on the timelines we have received from our suppliers. If a deposit is placed on a bike we have on order, it is fair to guess that the date that that bicycle will arrive will move around if it is designated at all. Patience is greatly appreciated as we all navigate these tricky times.

With the purchase of your new bike, we are happy to provide free adjustments, one Elite Service (Dropbar or Mountain), and help on all larger service jobs as well. This service extends for a one year time span from initial bike purchase. This service does not include parts and non-essential services (bike wash, component swaps, suspension service, etc.). We still need to schedule an appointment for service jobs, so keep that in mind.

We are currently demoing our full size run of Orbea Rise pedal-assist mountain bikes. It is a rate of $150.00 for a duration of our daily business hours and limited to the Santa Fe area. Let us know at least a day prior to your demo so we can get the bike prepped and charged for you. This is not a rental but a demo going towards a potential bike purchase. If after your demo you love the bike, we will apply the price spent for demoing it towards your purchase.

As far as paying for your new bike, we accept most forms of payment (credit card, cash, check, etc). We always prefer to do business in person so we can be sure your expectations are met. If you are not in Santa Fe but we have your dream bike, we can still help with that. We have the ability to box and ship bikes most anywhere. We do charge a boxing and shipping fee.

Service Department

We have our new suspension service bay complete with nitrogen tank and all the necessary accoutrements. We are ready to service dang near any modern Fox, Rockshox, DVO, Marzocchi, and Ohlins component out there. We are currently not equipped to service Fox Transfer dropper posts in house, but can send them back for factory service. If you have an unusual suspension item needing servicing, head to the shop and we can examine what needs to be done.

We are scheduling approximately two weeks out. That being said, if you have a small issue or just need someone to diagnose a problem, bring the bike to us and we'll examine it and try to fit it in our schedule. Small fixes are about a 24-48 hour turnaround if we can fit you in our service queue.

For e-bikes, if we sell it, we can service it. We are also Shimano and Bosch specialists. If you have an e-bike we don't sell, bring it in to the shop and we can determine if it's something we can service. We can't determine that over a phone call so just head to the shop.

Consultations are always free and we are here to help. Our email is the best way to get in contact with the service department if you have anything specific you need done. Alex, our shop manager, checks the email from Monday-Friday. Or give us a call and we can help you that way also.


We still have some of our Flamingo Jerseys from Race Apparel in stock! We haven't had a jersey in the past as popular as the Flamingo Jersey. The design is based on Dave's first bike jersey he ever bought while he was 14 years old. The replicas keep the feeling of the original jersey but with some added Zia symbols for that New Mexico vibe.

We have plenty of water bottles again. We have Flamingo bottles, our Con Tigo ("With You") bottles, and Mellow Velo branded bottles.

We recently got more of our handmade Bleach Tees from local artist Blake Di Bona. The designs are fresh as ever and ethically created.

Tracy Hollister also has lots of her amazing ceramics and home goods for sale here at the shop. She has created several different types of mugs, cups, succulent pots and ceramic sponge holders, all beautiful and unique. Come by and check them out!


We are sponsoring the GFNY Santa Fe. The event takes place September 19, 2021. GFNY Santa Fe will be held under COVID protocols as per regulations from the permitting governments. Visit their website here to get your tickets and also see exactly where this stunning ride takes you!

We are also sponsoring the AMP Concert series taking place weekly here in Santa Fe! We are raffling a $3500 e-bike/store voucher that is taking place on August 31,2021. To purchase tickets for this opportunity, visit here. Visit their website here to see what other cool events are happening downtown.

Thanks for taking the time to read our update. If you have questions about anything, please feel free to call us during regular business hours.

Have a nice day or a long ride!

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