Mid-Season Update 8/12

Here's some pertinent info updating everyone about how things are here at the shop.

Bike Sales

We are receiving new bikes almost every day! Our suppliers are doing an amazing job with getting us bikes and every model is looking hot. We have an amazing selection of assembled and unassembled mountain bikes, both hard-tail & full-suspension, road bikes, gravel bikes, and e-bikes.

Touch bases with us to see what our current bike selection is looking like!

We are only taking special orders on bikes we are confident we can deliver. If there are other circumstances where the bike might be tricky to get, we will do our best with the manufacturers and see what we can do. Every special order bike we order has a unique set of variables that we must navigate to deliver said bike. If you are looking for something we currently don't have, give us a call or head to the shop and we can chat about possibilities.

Our suppliers are sending us estimated ship dates that have a frequency to change. If you do place a deposit on a bike we are expecting, we will always reach out to you whenever the bike arrives. By placing a deposit it's understood that the bike will get here around the estimated ship date, however we can't guarantee a definite arrival date. Many new variables have a great impact on the timelines we have received from our suppliers. If a deposit is placed on a bike we have on order, it is fair to guess that the date that that bicycle will arrive will move around if it is designated at all. Patience is greatly appreciated as we all navigate these tricky times.