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"Fantastic local bicycle shop in Santa Fe. Wherever I travel, I like to stop and visit the brick & mortar type shops I grew up with. This one is impressive & worth visiting."
Michael Claussen


A La Carte Services

We try to keep our service plans comprehensive but we know that it's impossible to cover everything we do in a plan. If there is a service you are needing just let us know and we'll fit you in our schedule.

If there is a service you're not seeing, give us a call and we can see if it's something we can do for you.

*All prices listed are estimates*

Lower Leg/Air spring Service $100/labor + Parts (Includes removal/clean/regrease of headset)


Damper service and bleed $50-$75 Additional


Suspension Full Service $250-$500


Brake bleed/wheel $35


Hydraulic brake install $40-$50/brake


Wheel true $20-$35/wheel


Wheel build $80/normal wheel, $150/set, $100 Specialty wheel, $200/set


Tubeless $20-$30 labor, Tape $7 Sealant $7 /wheel


Flat fix $15/labor + Parts, E-Bike motor wheel flat fix $25-$35 + Parts


Chain installation $20+ dependent on drivetrain


Custom frame protector $75+ dependent on bike model and level of protection


Bike Boxing $100 + Shipping costs (usually around $100 for shipping costs, $400+ for anywhere overseas and abroad)


Pro bike build $250+ dependent on bike model and components


Pro’s Closet Bike Sale $35 for listing + 10% commission when bike sells


Bar Wrap $20


Shift Adjust $25


Fork Install $40-$60


Spoke replacement $25-$40 + parts


Linkage Service $75-$150


Rear shock/Air can service $50-$70 + Parts 


Freehub service $20-$40


Accessory (computer, power meter, rear rack, etc) Installation $25+


Creak diagnostic $45-$150


Dropper post service $45+


Reverb rebuild $175

Update Shimano E-Bike system/Di2 $50

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