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"Awesome shop, great folks, wonderful and knowledgeable.
Excellent coffee too!
Thanks and great to meet you."

Will Mooney

New Bike Assembly

Have you recently acquired a new bike and need help assembling it? That is a service we provide! It doesn't matter if its a top of the line bike or something entry level, we are happy to help get your bike together. We always ensure that every component is installed properly and that there are no larger issues that could have arisen from shipping said bike.


Assembly Process

Every bike that makes it's way to our stand is treated the same here at Mellow Velo. We always ensure that the bikes are safe and properly assembled according to manufacturer specifications. If there are any special requests for your new bike build just let us know and we will make sure everything is done exactly how you expect it.

Mellow Velo Professional Road Bike


Although we ensure that by the time the bike leaves our shop everything is assembled correctly, some bikes just don't function properly due to manufacturer standards. We will gladly assemble any bike that comes our way, however we can't guarantee the bike itself will be free from inherent issues.

Mellow Velo Professional Mountain Bike
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