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"This is the best bike shop in town. I am a kid and every day I go there after school. If I could rate this bike shop a 100 stars I would!"
Evan Medell

Standard Service

The Basic Service is our entry level service package that is set up to make a neglected bike rideable again and also to ensure that the necessary periodic maintenance is done on time. Over time, consumables eventually wear out and need replacing. The Basic Service ensures that all the consumables are checked and replaced if necessary. This is a great package for bikes primarily used for commuting, light use, kids bikes, and any other bike that needs some basic love.


Repair Process

We understand not every bike needs comprehensive service. Our Basic Service is set up to get your bike's essential maintenance and the necessary items replaced while still being economical.

Mellow Velo Bicycle Service

Essential Service

If we notice there is more work needing to be done than what was first anticipated, we always get in contact with you and verify that we are doing exactly what you need. While we are going to ensure the bike is safe to ride, if the cost of fixing becomes higher than anticipated, you always have the option to let us know to what extent we work on it.

Mellow Velo Service Shop

Common Issues

Our Basic Service is the best option to fix small issues and to get consumables replaced. Some issues we tend to notice on most Basic Service bikes are: shifting issues, brake issues, damaged and frayed cables, headset rattles, flat tires, new chain, etc.

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