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Mellow Velo Banner Service and Repair

"Awesome shop. Crew was super helpful in getting us setup with bikes and gear for an impromptu day out. Gave a great recommendation on trails to try and solid directions and map. Altitude kicked our butts, but that wasn't their fault! Thanks Dave!"
Jeff Cloninger

Full Service Bicycle Repair Shop

Here at Mellow Velo, we pride ourselves in having one of the finest bicycle repair shops in the southwest! We can service any component that may have been neglected or has failed on your bike, whether it's on an entry level city cruiser or a top of the line competition speed-machine. We are all avid riders, so we ensure that every bike that leaves our shop is up to our scrupulous standards, every time. We test-ride every bicycle we service and give them a second peer revue to ensure everything is working perfectly. 

The categories below represent a big chunk of the services we provide. If there is something you're not seeing, give us a call and we can more than likely provide whatever service you need!

All services listed are labor rates only, parts not included.


Shop Minimum $15, Hourly Rate $100/hour, E-Bike $150/hour


The Shoe Shine


-Brief wipe down of bike

-Wipe down/lubricate chain, set tire pressure

-Adjust the basic components of the bike as needed (brakes, derailleur, headset, etc)

-We will ensure the bike is safe to ride and check for larger problems

Mellow Velo Bike Tuneup

Standard Service


-Wipe down/lubricate chain, set tire pressure

-Align derailleur hanger and adjust derailleurs 

-Align and adjust brakes

-Adjust preload on bottom bracket, headset and hub bearings

-Check torque on all bolts

-Brief wipe down of bike


One free "Standard Service" included with every new bike purchase


Elite Service


-Basic service plus…

-True/tension wheels

-Ultrasonic cleaning of cassette and chain (includes crank removal)

-Thorough cleaning of frame and components

Mellow Velo professional bike service
Mellow Velo Road bikes for sale santa fe nm

Drop Bar Annual


-Elite Service plus…

-Hydraulic brake flush and bleed

-Hub/freehub overhaul

-Pull fork, clean/regrease headset bearing

-Replace all cables/housing

-Wrap handlebars (bar tape not included)


Mountain Annual


-Elite service plus…

-Suspension service

-Fork seal/oil change w/ damper flush and bleed

-Air can seal/oil change

-Linkage service: Disassemble linkage, clean/regrease/torque all bolts

-Hub/freehub service

-Replace all cables/housing

Mellow Velo professional mountain bike service sale
Mellow Velo electric mountain bike for sale

E-Bike Service


-Same as basic service plus...

-Clean and dielectric grease all electrical connectors

-Check wires and connections

-ESteps system, EBikeMotion, Bosch, and Stromer specialists


E-bikes from brands we don’t sell are subject to approval prior to scheduling an appointment


Bike Assembly


-Dependent on bike model and customer specifications

Mellow Velo Ibis mountain bike


We have our new suspension service bay complete with nitrogen tank and all the necessary accoutrements. We are ready to service dang near any modern Fox, Rockshox, DVO, Marzocchi, and Ohlins component out there.

Further details coming soon. Email for more info.


A La Carte Services

 We have a list of a la carte services but if there's anything else, just send us a message or call us at the shop!

Mellow Velo professional bicycle tools and bike maintenance

Things to keep in mind:

1) When we give an initial estimate for a service job the final price is subject to change. We always try to provide the most accurate estimate possible, but it's impossible to check everything without disassembling every component on the bike.


2) If we've recently serviced your bike and you feel anything needs further adjustments, come on by and we'll squeeze you in our schedule and get your bike all sorted out. 


3) If you are having a specific and tough issue going on with your bike, bring it by and we can examine it. This is much easier than trying to solve the issue through the phone. 

4) All services listed above are soft guidelines and estimated prices. Every bike that comes through our shop has different needs and these guidelines ensure that your expectations are realistic. 

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