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"The best bike shop ever. They saved me a lot of time and money. Expert repairs. So obvious the high skill level of the bike tech. They were recommended to me by a different bike tech in a different shop"
Thomas Boomer

Elite Service

The Elite Service is one of our most comprehensive services and ensures that every major component is working properly and the consumables are replaced. This service is best suited for high end road bikes, mountain bikes, or any other top spec bike that gets lots of use. It is also possible to add other services from our A La Carte section as needed.


Repair Process

With the Elite Service we take extra care to ensure every major system on your bike is working properly and fine tuned. We will remove and service the crank and clean and re-grease everything, thoroughly inspect the drivetrain for wear and tear, ensure that every consumable has been replaced if necessary, and adjust the shifting and braking. With this service, no stone goes unturned and no screw goes untightened.

Mellow Velo Professional Tune up

Going Further

If you have any special requests for the extent of service you want, just let us know. We understand that no one rides your bike as much as you. If there is an issue that's hard to describe but you definitely notice it, relay that info to us and we will see about fixing it.

Mellow Velo Professional bike tools


Once we have finished servicing your bike, you might notice small adjustments are still needed. This is completely natural because cables stretch and components set in. If this happens, just bring the bike back and we will be happy to make these fine adjustments for you!

Mellow Velo Wireless shifting
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