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Mellow Velo bike Rentals

"Great shop, their demo fleet was filled with awesome bikes for a great price. Employees were super helpful and knowledgeable about the local trails and their bikes. Also super friendly staff. Will definitely be demoing some more bikes from them next time I'm in Santa Fe."
Alex Radoslovich


Santa Fe and the surrounding areas have a plethora of great riding possibilities and rentals are a fantastic way to discover new locations while traveling. Mellow Velo is located just moments from the historic plaza downtown and our location is an amazing starting point for exploring this amazing city. The Dale Ball, La Tierra, and Rail Trails, are all just a short pedal from the shop. Visit our "Trail Resources" page for riding recommendations.

We are renting Orbea Rise E-Bike, Santa Cruz Heckler/Bullit E-Bike, Santa Cruz Chameleons Hardtail, and BMC Twostroke AL Hardtail. We feel these four models are perfect for riding our Santa Fe singletrack and also for cruising around town. A helmet, flat pedals, and a lock are included with every rental that leaves the shop.


If you have questions about renting, feel free give us a call at (505) 982-8986, or shoot us an email at

Models and Sizes

  • Santa Cruz Heckler:
    • 1 - Medium , 5'5"-5'9"
    • 1 - Large , 5'9"-6'1"
    • 1 - XL Santa Cruz Bullit , 6'1"+

  • Orbea Rise
    • 1 - Small , 4'9"-5'4"
    • 1 - Medium , 5'4"-5'7"
    • 1 - Large , 5'7"-6'1"
    • 1 - XL , 6'1"+

  • Santa Cruz Chameleon
    • 1 - Small , 5'0"-5'4"
    • 3 - Medium , 5'4"-5'8"
    • 3 - Large , 5'8"-6'1"
    • 0 - XL , 6'1"+

  • BMC Twostroke AL
    • 3 - Small , <5'5"
    • 2 - Medium , 5'5"-5'10"
    • 2 - Large , 5'10"-6'3"
    • 2 - XL , 6'3"+


  • Walk-ins welcome, pre-payments available.
  • Allow 48-72 hours for a digital response. Call us for immediate info.
  • We only have the sizes we have.
  • In-Person rentals available ONLY when we have available bikes.
  • Rentals must be picked up at 11:00am on the day of rental and returned by 10:30am the following day.
  • All rentals are for a ~24 hour time period.

  • Must be returned within shop hours.

  • No refunds for early return.

  • No discounted rates.

  • Must be 18+ years old or have guardian present.

  • No rental insurance, you are responsible for all damages.

  • Rental bikes cannot be taken to Angel Fire, Glorieta, Pajarito, or out of state.

  • No deliveries or pickups.

  • Rentals do not include repair kit or tire pump. Lock available upon request.

  • No pedal, component swaps, or custom bike fittings. Available at our service rate ($100/hour).

Rental Agreement and Release of Liability

  • General Assumption of Risk to User.
    Renter agrees that riding a Mellow Velo bicycle involves many obvious and not-so-obvious risks, dangers, and hazards which may result in injury or death to Renter or others, as well as damage to property, and that such risks, dangers, and hazards cannot always be predicted or avoided. Users agree that such risks, dangers, and hazards are Renter's sole responsibility. Renter agrees that if Renter's use of any Service causes injury or damage to another person or property, then Renter may be liable for all resulting injuries, damages, and related costs. By choosing to ride a Mellow Velo bicycle, Renter assumes all responsibility for all related risks, dangers, and hazards, and Renter agrees that Mellow Velo, the manufactures, and the distributors are not responsible for any injury, damage, or cost caused by the Renter with respect to any person or property, including the Mellow Velo bicycle itself. Renter is solely and fully responsible for the safe operation of the Mellow Velo bicycle at all times. Renter may need to take additional safety measures or precautions not specifically addressed in this Agreement.
  • Helmets.
    Wearing a Snell, CPSC, ANSI, or ASTM approved helmet, properly sized, fitted, and fastened, while cycling may protect against an injury, or may lessen the severity of an injury, caused by an impact to the head; however, bicycle helmets are not 100% effective, do not protect against all head injuries, and do not protect against other injuries. Although some state and local laws do not require bicycle riders to wear helmets, Mellow Velo recommends that all riders wear a Snell, CPSC, ANSI, or ASTM approved helmet that has been properly sized, fitted, and fastened, according to the manufacturer's instructions. Mellow Velo does not represent or warrant the quality or safety characteristics of any helmet, and Renter agrees that Mellow Velo must not be held liable for any injury suffered by Renter while using the Service, whether or not Renter is wearing a helmet at time of injury.
  • The Equipment.
    The equipment remains the exclusive property of Mellow Velo. The Renter is responsible for damages to or loss of the equipment. Other than reasonable wear and tear if the equipment is lost, destroyed or damaged beyond repair in the judgment of Mellow Velo, the renter agrees to pay Mellow Velo the full retail value of the Equipment.
  • Repairs.
    All repairs needed as the result of the use of the equipment, such as flat tires, will be performed at the normal labor rates and the cost of such repairs including all parts shall be paid by the Renter.
  • Contract.
    I hereby accept the terms of this contract. This document constitutes the final and entire agreement between Mellow Velo and the undersigned. Mellow Velo itself provides no warranties, expressed or implied, and this equipment is accepted "as is."

    I have carefully read this agreement and release of liability and fully understand its contents. I am aware that this is a release of liability and a contract between myself and Mellow Velo and I sign it of my own free will.

    If I am signing on behalf of a minor, in addition to the above, I also agree to RELEASE, HOLD HARMLESS and INDEMNIFY Mellow Velo, the manufacturers and distributors of the equipment, and their owners, agents and employees for any claims of the minor. I agree to be responsible for any medical expenses incurred by the minor.

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