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Mellow Velo Ebike New Mexico

"Great customer service and selection. I came from out of state and was missing a key component. They had it in stock and I was able to enjoy my stay in New Mexico with no worries."
Tony Le

E-Bike Service

Our E-Bike Service is a special plan we created to properly maintain e-bikes and their electrical components. The mechanical adjustments are the same as the Basic Service but also includes electrical system maintenance.


Repair Process

This service plan is a little different than our other plans. The needs of a well used e-bike are slightly different than a normal bike and the procedures to maintenance components are different. We strongly recommend speaking with us and detailing exactly what your needs are so we can accurately quote the labor and parts for you. Because of the nature of working on e-bikes the hourly rate is $100 regardless of service being done.

Mellow Velo Electric Bikes Santa Fe

Going Further

Servicing an e-bike is half mechanical and half electrical. We take special care to ensure that these complex needs of your bike are properly serviced so you have nothing to worry about once it's back in your hands.


The range of quality seen from some e-bike manufacturers creates another interesting issue to deal with. A high quality e-bike, like models from the brands we sell, are generally very straight forward to service, whereas budget e-bikes, often purchased from unreputable online vendors, tend to be problematic.

Mellow Velo Ebike tuneup


The level of quality that goes into servicing an e-bike is no different than that of an analog bike. Assuming everything is in good shape, the bike should be working leaps and bounds better than before. There are situations where the bike has been neglected to an extent to where we don't have the means to fix it. If this is the case we will thoroughly diagnose the possible issue and help you go about fixing these larger issues.

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