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Mellow Velo Mountain Bike tuneup

"This is my go to bike shop in Santa Fe. Great selection of bikes, particularly mountain bikes and a decent selection of gear as well.  The staff is super friendly and helpful."
Patrick Manning

Mountain Annual Service

Our Mountain Annual Service plan is one of our most comprehensive services available for mountain bikes. Over the course of a riding season, mountain bikes will experience more wear and tear than a similarly ridden road bike. Because of this additional stress, we ensure that all the proper and recommended maintenance is done well before the component fails. 


Repair Process

This service plan includes everything in the Elite Service in addition to other essential services that are best to do annually. We bleed and flush the brake fluid to help promote safe braking and consistent brake feel. We also will service all suspension components on your bike and get fresh fluid and dust seals installed. An in depth linkage service is provided for all full suspension bikes that land on our stands.

Mellow Velo Santa Cruz Bikes

Going Further

Although this is a very comprehensive plan, we understand that it may not include all the services you are needing. Mountain bikes especially receive lots of wear and tear even under relatively light use. We will thoroughly inspect the drivetrain, braking components, and suspension components to ensure your bike is completely safe and adjusted before you hit the trails.

Mellow Velo Suspension Service

Custom Components

One of the most addictive aspects of cycling is customizing your bike to make it a reflection of your personality. If you have acquired any components that you need installing we can include that with the service plan. If you have an idea of some new components you would like installed but aren't sure it will fit your bike or are unsure if its available, we are happy to source and spec anything you want.

Mellow Velo Custom Components
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